1PNR = 41.7273

PNR Coin

About Us

WHAT IS pnr ?

Pnrcoin is a coin that represents ownership of underlying assets that make up the market index. The value of this coin is derived from the existing cryptocurrency assets and is expected to vary according to the values of the market assets. Therefore, the coins in this index will vary over time, and can be replaced severally over each period.

Think about the near future. As cryptocurrency adoption and utility grows at a slow but steady rate, its inclusive benefits and trajectory clearly points to a future of global, widespread use as a form of money and eventually, regulated governmental acceptance. Through this, Pnrcoin will be in a position to influence the decisions of investors, to feature coins that are less volatile and to ensure that investors are diversified for long-term market sustainability.


here you can find how we work for your investment and give you large amount of benefit in small amount of time.

The growth of digital currencies has led to a lot of attention and demand from traditional investors who want to invest in the new asset class. However, a lot of these investors do not know about the different digital currencies, which can be very challenging and also confusing. The traditional investors in the stock market diversify through index or mutual funds, which are not in the market for digital currencies.

Pnrcoin aims to follow the price movement of the following industry where the funds of Pnrcoin will be invested. It will be IT industry, Plastic Industry, Textile, Education, Retail, Paper, Import-Export, Telecomunication etc.

The purpose of establishment of PNRCOIN is to prevent foreign crypto investment. The result of this project will be increased the value of Indian currency and make stable economy. We are poised to write a new success story for the world.

The objective of Pnrcoin is to minimize the risk of investment and maximize the returns investors might get from their investment.

Symbol PNR
Total Token Supply 500000000
PRE-ICO Token 20000000
ICO Token 50000000
Mining Pool Yes (See also in Roadmaps)
Algorithm Script ( Instead of SHA-256)
Decimal Places 2
PRE ICO Date 12th December to 12th January,2018
ICO Date 13th January to 13th February,2018
Price Start at INR Rs. 40
Locale India