1PNR = 41.7273

PNR Coin

How To Use

Go to pnrcoin.com and click on Register new account. Fill out all of the required information and verified with your mobile & email.

Upload the following Documents :

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Cancelled check
  • Fill up the requested Bank details.

Pay Account Opening Fees, you will get first time 1000 Token and then credit daily Token, which is stored in your account.

If you want to Add Money in your wallet then click on “Deposite Money”

Now, User are able to buy PNR COIN. To buy PNR COIN there are total three ways.

  • Directly Buy
  • By using PNR Trading Portal
  • Direct transfer from your network user.

Than You Can Withdrawal Your Money by selling coin.